About the book

When English tourists first brought tennis to the Swiss mountain resorts at the end of the 19th century, they certainly did not anticipate that this small nation in the middle of the Alps would one day shape this noble game to such an extent. Switzerland has played a key role on the pro circuit in the past decades – from Olympic champion Marc Rosset to Martina Hingis and Roger Federer. “Years of glory” portrays the “Golden Era of Swiss Tennis” through stories, interviews, essays, caricatures, statistics and photos. Journalists Simon Graf und Marco Keller interviewed these illustrious champions about their joys, sufferings, fears, and recipes for success. They give a poignant portrayal of the people behind the victories, and reveal many unpublished tales and anecdotes. In an exclusive interview, Roger Federer shares how he made it from talent to record winner. Hingis talks openly about her relationship with her mother and coach, Rosset about his inner battle, and pioneer Heinz Günthardt about his strategies to keep in step with the world's best as a “hip patient.” “Years of glory” dramatizes vividly: As numerous as the Swiss successes were – all protagonists followed their very own path.


220 x 280 mm, 200 pages

150 photos, mostly in color

ISBN 978-3-9521803-9-6

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