«Experienced journalists Marco Keller and Simon Graf have spent many years following their players around the tennis circuit and thought it was time to put their experiences into a book and have come up with Years of Glory, a glossy, fascinating collection of photos, stories, anecdotes and unique insights into the players and their triumphs and struggles. (...) Years of Glory, which features 150 photographs of some of the best moments in the history of Swiss tennis, from Wimbledon to Barcelona, also includes an interview with Federer himself, the first time he has collaborated with a book. The 17-times grand slam winner liked the idea of a book about Swiss tennis as a whole and his insights are worth the price alone.»

The Tennis Space




«I am very happy that this book was written. Not because I'm in it. But because we Swiss often don't know how to celebrate the successes of our athletes appropriately. If Roger Federer were French or Italian, there would be a tv channel solely dedicated to him. We can really be proud what we have achieved in tennis. Every five, six years we had player capable of big wins. It was time for this to be put on record.»

Marc Rosset, Olympic Champion